Blue Box

Blue BoxThe City of Markham collects blue box material every week on your regular collection day. Put clean materials in your blue box loosely. Don't put them in bags.

You need to put your blue box at your curb by 7 AM on your collection day. Or, you can put it at the curb after 7 PM the night before.

Tips for windy days:

  • Don't overload your blue box; keep material below the rim
  • Place heavier items such as bundled newspapers and magazines on top of the lighter items
  • Flatten small cardboard boxes (e.g. cereal or tissue boxes)
  • Put your waste at the curb by 7 AM the morning of your collection day, instead of the night before
  • Additional blue boxes can be purchased at any Markham Recycling Depot and you may also drop off your blue box recycling
  • Write your address on your blue boxes in permanent marker - makes it easier for them to be returned if they blow away