You can't put these items in the blue box:

  • Batteries – drop off at Markham Community Centres, Libraries and Recycling Depots
  • Electronics – drop off at York Region's Hazardous Waste & Electronics Depot (HHW)
  • Motor oil, transmission or brake fluid containers, drop off at HHw
  • Plastic cutlery, drinking straws, coffee cup lids
  • Plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap, milk pouches
  • Plastic toys or lawn furniture
  • Shredded paper, this goes in the green bin
  • Styrofoam - drop off clean Styrofoam at any of Markham's Recycling Depots. Learn more about styrofoam recycling.
  • Textiles - drop off at Markham textile donation bin
  • Waxed paper
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