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City of Markham green bin

Mighty Green Bin 

Choosing the right container is different for different households.

If you are regularly using several green bins or clear bags for your overflow organic material, like diapers and pet waste, consider buying Markham’s new Mighty Green Bin!

Mighty Green Bin will save you those extra trips to the curb:

  • Holds up to 100 litres of green bin material, twice as much as regular-size green bin
  • Tipped into the truck with a mechanical arm – no need to worry about weight restrictions
  • Secure lid with gravity lock to help keep out pests
  • Larger wheels makes it easier to roll to the curb

Purchase and pick up location 

Location  Hours  Cost
Milliken Mills Recycling Depot
7660 Kennedy Road
Friday 9AM to 3PM
Saturday 9AM to 3PM
$ 73.50 includes HST.
Get $10.00 off when you trade in one or more regualr-size green bins

Before you leave the Depot: 

  • Inspect your new bin;
  • Write your address on the bin  we'll have a sharpie for you to use

Note — All sales are final. No returns, exchanges or damge/theft replacement.

For more information, visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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