Styrofoam is very dangerous to wildlife, birds and humans and creates harmful pollution.

Banning Styrofoam packaging at the curb will help keep it out of landfill, streets and our waterways.

Styrofoam is recyclable but not in York Region's blue box program. When you drop off your clean Styrofoam at a Markham Recycling Depot, we ensure it is responsibly processed and recycled into new products.

Markham is committed to keeping hazardous material out of our landfills!

  • In 2013, electronic materials (e.g. TVs, computers) were banned from curbside collection. The eWaste ban continues to increase Markham's waste diversion and result in revenue for charities.

  • In 2017, household textiles were banned from curbside collection. To-date, 17 million pounds (7711 metric tonnes) of textiles have been diverted from landfill. Our charitable partners work endlessly to ensure donations are collected on a timely basis. Material is properly recycled and provides community service.

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