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Why are certain sidewalk gaps not included in the Sidewalk Network Completion Program?

The City developed a methodology and process to prioritize the completion of specific sidewalk projects. Some sidewalk projects along arterial and collector roads will be built as part of other planned capital programs or development projects which reduces the overall cost of the project and creates scheduling efficiencies. Other sidewalk projects have been deferred due to constructability issues, or have been deferred as they are outside of developed areas of the City. As such, certain sidewalk gaps are not shown in the Sidewalk Network Completion Program.  


The Sidewalk Network Completion Program does not currently include sidewalk gaps on local roads. If a request for a sidewalk on a local residential street is received, and there is local support from the majority of residents residing on the street, the project will be scheduled separately from the priorities identified for the gaps on arterial and collector roads. A list of sidewalk projects on local roads (on-going or recently completed) can be found here.

How wide are sidewalks?  

Sidewalks are generally 1.5 meters (approximately five feet) wide but could be wider depending on its placement relative to the road curb and on the level of anticipated pedestrian traffic. A sidewalk could also be upgraded to a multiuse pathway (MUP) to accommodate both walking and cycling. The decision is typically determined through recommendations in  Markham Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP), feasibility studies and detailed design, prior to construction.

Will private property be impacted by the sidewalk construction on street?

It is the City's goal to mitigate damage to your property during sidewalk construction. If you have any above or below ground landscaping facilities (such as gateway features, paving stones, fencing, curb, sprinkler systems, lighting systems, signage, etc.) within the City right-of-way, please notify the City immediately. All private landscaping features within the City's right-of-way that conflicts with the construction work will be removed. Please contact City immediately if you would like to salvage any of those items.

What happens when private property is damaged during sidewalk construction?

The City will repair/restore or compensate to bring it to the original pre-construction state, within reason, for any damage to private facilities and features from the construction of the sidewalk that is outside of the City right-of-way.

How do I access my property and driveway during sidewalk construction?

For at least a week or more, your driveway will not be accessible during construction of the sidewalk. The construction contractor and/or the City will confirm with each property owner/tenant the days when driveway access will be restricted. The City will provide alternate overnight parking arrangements during the construction period.

When will I be notified of construction scheduled on my street?

The City will send out construction notices to residents/businesses at least one week in advance of construction.

What is the timing of the construction on our street?

Please check the Construction Program and Project Status section. Residents directly impacted by a sidewalk project will be informed in advance of any construction proceeding.

Did you know?

It may not seem obvious, but a portion of the land extending from the curb (for approximately 5.0 metres or 16.4 feet) that you think of as part of your property is actually owned by the City of Markham. This portion is called the Right of Way, and allows the City staff and providers to lay cables, pipes, streetlights, sidewalk along our street, improving the services and lifestyle available for everyone. If a sidewalk is being installed in your neighbourhood, be assured it is on the City's Right of Way.

For further information, please contact City of Markham Contact Centre at 905.477.5300

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