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Why are certain sidewalk gaps not included in the Sidewalk Network Program?

The City developed a methodology and process to prioritize the sequencing of sidewalk projects. Some sidewalk projects along arterial and collector roads will be constructed as part of other planned capital programs or development projects to take advantage of cost and/or schedule efficiencies; or have been deferred due to constructability issues, or have been deferred as they are outside of developed areas of the City. As such, certain sidewalk gaps are not shown in the Sidewalk Program.  

Furthermore, the Sidewalk Program currently does not include sidewalk gaps local roads. Therefore, if a request for sidewalk on a local residential street is received, and consensus local support from residents residing on the street is demonstrated for the project, the project will be programmed separately from the priorities identified for the gaps on arterial and collector roads.  


How wide are sidewalks?  

Sidewalks are generally 1.5 meters wide but could be wider depending on its placement relative to the road curb and on the level of anticipated pedestrian traffic. A sidewalk could also be upgraded to a multiuse pathway (MUP) to accommodate both walking and cycling. The decision is typically determined through feasibility studies and detailed design, prior to construction.

What is the timing of the construction on our street?

Please check the annual program and project status section. Residents directly impacted by a sidewalk project will be informed in advance of any construction proceeding 


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