Infrastructure Rehabilitation

The following information outlines regularly scheduled maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of City of Markham road paving and infrastructure projects.

Use the Roads eMap to view current pavement project locations.

Asphalt Patching / Resurfacing

Asphalt patching over minor defects on roads under the City's jurisdiction will prevent further immediate deterioration of the road surfaces where deficiencies exist. Asphalt resurfacing is done to renew the road surface and restore skid resistance to weathered and traffic worn pavements.

Boulevard Repairs (Asphalt & Concrete)

Boulevard repairs are performed to correct drainage problems caused by irregularities along the boulevard, and to improve the aesthetic quality of the roadside environment.

Bridge Rehabilitation

Bridges are inspected twice annual or as necessary following floods, impact from vehicles, etc. If required, rehabilitation will be performed to maintain the structural integrity and to ensure continued safety.

Curb & Gutter Replacement and Repair

Curb and gutter replacement and/or repair can achieve one or all of the following results:

  • remove surface water from the road surface and maintain effective road drainage
  • prevent erosion along roadside ditches or boulevards
  • provide wheelchair access at intersections and sidewalks
  • provide reasonable transition from roadways into private driveways

Fence Repairs (City owned)

The City restores town fences to their original state, removes graffiti and restores the aesthetic appearance of the fence.

Road Rehabilitation Program

The annual Road Rehabilitation Program begins late April or early May. Selected streets, from each Ward are chosen for resurfacing or pavement preservation based on an assessment of various road condition factors. The work involves the removal and replacement of concrete curb and sidewalk, catch basin and maintenance hole repair, asphalt recycling/repair followed by resurfacing or pavement preservation and boulevard/driveway restoration.

Residents living on streets selected for road resurfacing are notified prior to the start of construction season. Please contact us about any special circumstances related to the rehabilitation work such as alternative parking arrangements, proposed property improvements and identification of private aboveground/underground landscaping features.

Sidewalk Cleaning and Repairs

To ensure safe pedestrian movement along sidewalks and paved boulevards the City removes accumulated winter materials (sand/salt) along sidewalks, paved boulevards, curbs and road islands, as well we make any necessary repairs.

Storm Sewer Structural Repair

Regular inspection, flushing and repairs extends the useful life of a storm sewer, protects public and private property from unnecessary damage and pollution of the natural environment due to storm water flooding.

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