For the 2020-2021 Winter season, the City of Markham is launching a new City-wide Pathway Winter Maintenance Pilot Program. This program will see one pedestrian pathway in each of Markham’s eight wards cleared of snow, salted and sanded. This program is a result of the 2019 Winter Maintenance Council Review and is one of the ways the City is encouraging people in the community to stay active in Markham this winter.

Please share your feedback on about the pilot program and how it has been working for you! Your feedback will be reviewed by the Operations team and will be presented to Council for review and recommendation in 2021.

Pilot Pathway Locations:

Ward 1 – Royal Orchard Park from Kirk Drive to Royal Orchard Boulevard

Ward 2 -  Ashton Meadow Park from Calvert Road to Rachel Crescent

Ward 3 – Quantztown Park from Carlton Rd to Houndsbrook Crescent

Ward 4 – Robinson Park from Lincoln Green Drive to Robinson Street

Ward 5 – Nicholas Miller Park from Appleview Road to Alfred Paterson Drive

Ward 6 – John Baird Woods Park from Mingay Avenue to Prebble Drive

Ward 7 – Featherstone Park from Middlefield Road to Featherstone Avenue

Ward 8 – Milliken Mills Park from Milliken Meadows Drive to Milliken Mills Community Centre

A gravel pathway in Milne Dam Conservation Park will also be included as part of this pilot. This location will roughly run from inside the McCowan Road gate to the East end of the parking lot.

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