Road Watch

Did you see an aggressive driver? Report them here!

The City of Markham needs your help to stop aggressive driving.

It is not safe to:

  • Speed
  • Follow too closely
  • Fail to yield
  • Make unsafe lane changes
  • Pass when it is not safe
  • Ignore traffic signs and signals

Please report aggressive drivers to York Regional Police, using the Road Watch program.

Road Watch Online Reporting

If you see someone driving dangerously in York Region, you can report it online. You will need to use your real name. Personal information will be kept confidential. It will never be shared with the aggressive driver you reported.

What Happens After I Submit a Report?

  • When a vehicle is reported for the first time: York Regional Police send the registered owner of the vehicle a letter. The letter tells the person about the date, location and details of the incident. It encourages them to drive more safely.
  • When a vehicle is reported for the second time: police send a second letter. A police officer will also place a phone call to the vehicle owner to discuss the incident.
  • When a vehicle is reported for the third time: a police officer will visit the vehicle owner in-person. The officer will then decide if additional measures need to be taken to avoid future offenses.
Road Watch
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