• Follow posted speed limits; school zones have reduced speeds so drivers can safely stop to allow children to cross the street
  • Avoid U-turns, backing up or making three-point turns
  • Watch for vehicles, pedestrians, bikes, scooters and stopped school buses
  • Obey crossing guards, stop signs and traffic signals
  • If possible, walk or cycle to school with your child
  • If you drive, park your vehicle and walk a block to the school to avoid the congested school zone and save time
  • Obey all road signage and remember to park your vehicle:
    • In permitted areas only
    • A minimum of 10 feet or 3 metres away from a fire hydrant
    • A minimum of 30 feet or 9 metres away from an intersection
    • Within 6 inches or 15 centimetres of a curb

Visit york.ca/SafeAtSchool for more information about school safety from York Region Public Health.

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