A school zone is an area approaching a school. When entering a school zone, drivers need to increase their awareness of the presence of children and undertake additional care when driving.

School safety is a major concern in most municipalities today. The primary concern is traffic congestion in front of the school as parents compete to pick up and drop off their children as close to the school as possible.

This creates a serious concern for vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist safety. Parked and stopped vehicles may obstruct traffic, school driveways, fire routes, school buses and can also increase the risk of pedestrian collisions.

To help mitigate this issue, the City has been installing time-based “No Parking” and “No Stopping” with the designated School Zones. These restrictions are meant to help create a safer environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

The City has also implemented flexible in-road flexible sign posts in 34 school zones throughout the City to slow traffic and increase awareness as drivers enter the school zone.

If you have any questions about school zone safety, please contact the Contact Centre at 905.477.5530 or customerservice@markham.ca.

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