The City has twenty four speed display boards. We put them on streets for a three month period. To consider locations for the devices, our staff review traffic conditions on the street. If staff can confirm there is a speeding problem and existing traffic signs and other measures are not working, a speed display board may be used.

If you would like your street to be evaluated, please contact the Contact Centre.
Phone: 905.477.5530

Right now, you’ll find speed display boards (as of October 7, 2020) on these streets:

Ward  Street  Section
1  Simonston Boulevard East  Between Chumleigh Crescent (south) & Chumleigh Crescent (north)
1  Baymark Road  Between Romfield Circuit (north) & Romfield Circuit (south)
1  Steele Valley Road  Between Bayview Avenue & Sprucewood Road
2  Macrill Road  Between Calvert Road & Rodick Road
2  Townson Road  Between Calvert Road & 16th Avenue
2  Lockridge Avenue  Between Kerrigan Crescent & Hollingham Road
3  Carlton Road  Between Main Street Unionville & Kennedy Road
3  Karma Road  Between Austin Drive & Markville Road
3  Waterbridge Lane  Between Heatherwood Crescent & Foxmeadow Lane
4  Delmark Boulevard  Between Standish Crescent & 9th Line
4  James Parrott Avenue   Between McCowan Road & Alexander Lawrie Avenue
4  Ramona Boulevard  Between Sir Constantine Drive & Avondale Crescent
5  William Forster Road  Between Cornell Rouge Boulevard & Donald Cousens Parkway
5  Cornell Rouge Boulevard  Between White's Hill Avenue & 16th Avenue
5  19th Avenue  Between Mill race Court & 9th Line
6  Roy Rainey Avenue  San Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic Elementary School Zone
6  Bur Oak Avenue  Between McCowan Road & Stonebridge Drive
6  Ridgecrest Road  Castlemore Public School Zone
7  9th Line  Between 14th Avenue & Ridgevale Drive
7  Legacy Drive  Between 14th Avenue and Rouge Bank Drive
7  Boswell Road  Between Copper Creek Drive & Oakborough Drive
8  Highgate Drive  North of Tiffany Crescent
8  Worthing Avenue  Between Mayflower Drive & Ingram Road
8  Wilclay Avenue  Between Cartmel Drive & Brimley Road


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