Safety Tips for Motorists Traveling Through Construction Zones

Many construction workers are inquired or killed each year when working on roads. When driving through construction zones motorist must:

  • Slow down early when approaching construction zones

  • Be patient and obey signs and signal persons

  • Merge well in advance when lanes are being funnelled down

  • Avoid lane changes, give yourself extra following space and be ready to stop

  • Do not speed up quickly when leaving construction zones

  • Do not pass construction vehicles when their amber lights are flashing

  • Plan ahead and expect delays

Safety Tips for Pedestrians Traveling Through Construction Zones

  • It is very important to obey ALL work zone signs, workers and pavement markings

  • Watch where you are going. Your primarily responsibility is to walk through the work zone as safely as you can

  • Orange Work Zone Signs — these signs communicate to drivers and pedestrians where is going on and how to travel safely through the work zone. They can also indicate that a sidewalk is closed and that a detour must be taken

  • Pavement Markings painted or taped lines on the pavement separate car travel lanes and can also indicate pedestrian walking paths

  • During construction, some sidewalks may be closed. Pedestrians may be required to move to the other side of the road or to a temporary pedestrian walkway

  • Use designated pedestrian crosswalks and traffic lights to cross the street before reaching a construction zone and DO NOT cross in the middle of the road

  • Pease DO NOT walk on the roadway beside the barriers

  • Please be alert and aware of your surroundings when travelling near construction areas

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