Urban Forest Study 2022



Markham’s urban forest has an estimated 3.29 million trees covering 21% of the city. Trees are vital natural assets and are the green lungs of the city. They provide multiple benefits to residents including carbon storage and sequestration, air pollution removal, residential energy savings, supporting stormwater management and providing wildlife habitat.  

Purpose of Study

The Forest Study describes the current state and condition of the City’s urban forest and examines factors that may impact its health and function, such as invasive species and soil condition.

The technical report examines the following:

  • The distribution of canopy cover by Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
  • Available planting opportunities
  • Tree size and species composition
  • The structural and ecosystem services value of the forest
  • Condition of the forest and soil properties
  • Change since the last urban forest assessment
  • The potential future state of the forest
  • Climate vulnerability

The technical report also provides recommendations to protect and improve the urban forest.

A Technical Working Group was established for this Study comprising staff from the City of Markham, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, and York Region to review the study findings and provide input.

Documents & Resources

Markham Urban Forest Study 2022: Technical Report

Invasive Species in Markham

The Health of Markham’s Forest

Benefits of Trees in Markham


Patrick Wong

Senior Planner II, Natural Heritage

E-mail: patrickwong@markham.ca

Phone: 905-477-7000 extension 6922

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