Pedestrian Signals and Improvements

Accessible Pedestrian Push Button

Audible pedestrian push buttons are installed at signalized intersection to assist with pedestrians who have visual disabilities. The audible sounds provide guidance to visually impaired pedestrians, indicating when the “Walk” signal appears. To activate the audible feature, the push button must be pressed and held for three (3) seconds.

pedestrian push button

Pedestrian Countdown Signals

The countdown device provides a numeric countdown display that indicates the number of seconds remaining for a pedestrian to complete their crossing of a street. Pedestrian countdown signals provide precise information to pedestrians about the remaining time available for them to cross the street at signalized intersections.

countdown signal

Tactile Sidewalk Ramp

Tactile walking surface indicators are intended to be detectable underfoot and are used to alert people with low or no vision of potential hazards, such as moving vehicular traffic. The indicators must also provide a high tonal contrast with the surround surface.

sidewalk ramp, tactile plate

Zebra Crossing

A zebra crossing typically gives priority to pedestrians. Its distinguishing feature is alternating dark and light stripes on the road surface, resembling the coat of a zebra.

zebra crossing

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