pedestrian and bicycle crossing ahead Pedestrian and Bicycle Crossing Ahead dismount from bike Cyclist get off and walk bicycle in a specific area
bicycle path crossing side street Bicycle path crossing side street share use lane single file Share use lane single file
reserved bike lane sign Reserved bicycle lane pedestrian crossing sign Watch for pedestrians and be prepared to share the road with them
yield to cyclist sign Yield to cyclists do not pass pedestrian sign Do not pass pedestrians
reserve bicycle lane marking Reserve bicycle lane markings yield to pedestrian sign Cyclists yield to pedestrian
bicycle route Designated bicycle route cyclist follow pedestrian signal sign Cyclists follow pedestrian signal
shared road sign Motorists and cyclists must shared the road crossride pavement marking Combined pedestrian and cyclist crossride pavement marking (Traffic Signal Control)
bike sharrow These lane markings (sharrows) assist cyclists with lateral positioning in the shared curb lane.
Note: Sharrows are not separated
mix cross ride Mix pedestrian and cyclist crossride pavement marking (Stop-controlled side street & unsignalized driveway)
shared pathway Shared pathway No cycling on sidewalk No cycling on sidewalk

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