Bike racks can be found on all YRT and Viva buses and at bus stop locations through York Region, including terminals.


1.Get Ready

  • Prepare your bicycle for the bike rack by removing any water bottles or loose items that may fall off while the bus is moving
  • As the bus approaches, let the driver know you intend to use the bike rack

easy on 1 get ready

2.Lower the Rack

  • Hold on to your bike with one hand
  • Use other hand to squeeze the handle at the top of the rack to unlock, and allow it to be lowered for use
  • If rack is lowered, move onto next step

easy on 2  lower rack

3. Load your Bike

  • Load your bike from front or curb/platform of the bus
  • Lift your bike into one of the rack's two wheel trays. A label tells you where the front wheel goes
  • The tray are far apart from each other to make loading and unloading easy if there is another bike there

easy on 3 load your bike

4. Secure Front Wheel

  • Secure your bike by pulling the spring loaded support arm out and over the front tire

easy on 4 secure front wheel

Reminder: The loading and unloading of children's bikes should be performed by an accompanying adult


1.Get Ready

  • Exit from front door and be sure to tell bus operator
  • Approach the bike rack from front or curb/platform side of the bus

easy off 1 get ready

2.Unload your Bike

  • Pull spring-loaded support arm from the tire and lower
  • Lift your bike up from wheel slots toward the front or curb/platform side of the bus
  • Squeeze the handle at the front of the rack to lift and lock it in place

easy off 2 unload your bike

3.Depart Safely

  • Carry your bike away from the bus to the sidewalk/platform
  • Signal to the driver that you have finished unloading and stand clear of the bus

For more information, visit York Region Bike 'n' Bus

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