Cycling Laws and Regulations

Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, a bicycle is considered a vehicle and cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities to obey all traffic law as motorists.


Cyclists can be ticketed for:




Set Fine

Improper bicycle lighting



Improper brakes on bicycle



No or defective bell/horn



Fail to wear proper helmet

104 (2.1, 2.2)


Cyclists riding in crossover or crosswalk

140 (6) & 144(29)


Fail to signal a turn



Fail to obey stop sign

136 (1a)


Fail to signal for turn



Fail to stop at a red light



Attaching to a vehicle



Carry a passenger on a bicycle



Fail to stop and identify self when stopped by police

218(1) (2)



Driver or passenger of a vehicle can be penalized for improper opening of a vehicle door that interferes or endangers another person or vehicle. The set fine is $300 upon conviction and 3 demerit points (Section 165 (1)(a)).


One Metre Passing Law:

In 2005, Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act was changed where motorists must leave at least one metre of space between their car and a person riding a bicycle. This may mean waiting to pass until the roadway ahead is free of other/oncoming traffic and leaving at least one metre when you do pass. The set fine is $85 (Section 148 (6.1)).

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