Thieves will steal an entire bicycle or they may steal parts of the bike that are not securely fastened. Some tips to discourage theft:

  • Always lock your bike when it is left unattended, even for a short period of time, in your garage or on a porch
  • Lock both wheels and the frame to bike rack or fixed object. If you only lock on wheel, your bicycle can be quickly detached and carried away
  • If you don’t need a quick release seat and wheel, replace them with standard bolts.
  • Take lights, mirrors, bags and panniers with you, along with anything else that is not securely fastened
  • Consider riding an inexpensive bicycle for everyday use or short trips

York Region Bicycle Theft Prevention Program

Created by York Regional Police, an online bike registration program to safeguard the bicycles owned by York Region Residents

  • Register your bike with York Regional Police
  • You will be contacted if your bike is recovered
  • Take a photo of your bicycle
  • Keep original receipts and record serial number

Register your bike with York Region Police at

YRP, york regional police

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