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City of Markham

Active Transportation Master Plan (in progress)

The Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) is a long-term strategic plan to improve walking, cycling, and other modes of active transportation for all community members. The plan will identify a well-connected and safe active transportation network. Also, it will recommend infrastructure projects, policies and strategies with a phasing plan.

The ATMP project commenced in early 2019 and the first round of public consultation was completed in Spring 2019. The City is currently collecting feedback through a Public Survey on Active Transportation . For more information, please visit project website or email

Cycling Master Plan (2010)

Completed in 2010, the Cycling Master Plan includes a comprehensive City-wide on and off road cycling network that connects the urban and rural areas in Markham. The Plan was developed to encourage more residents to cycle for recreational, as well as, commuting purposes.

Pathways and Trails Master Plan (2009)

The Pathways and Trails Master Plan was developed to improve and expand Markham’s off-road pathway and trail system. The Plan also includes an implementation strategy to prioritize network linkages, budget & resources, phasing and more.

York Region

York Region Transportation Master Plan (2016)

The York Region Transportation Master Plan sets out the infrastructure and policy requirements to enable the Region to build and maintain an interconnected system of mobility. This includes additional transit infrastructure, roads infrastructure and a system of sidewalks and trails to further enable active transportation for 2041 and beyond.

Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan (2008)

The Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan provides guidance to York Region as it works with local municipalities over the next 25 years and beyond to implement a comprehensive walkway system and on and off-road region-wide cycling network.

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