The Rouge Valley Trail follows the Rouge River along Toogood Pond located in the heart of Unionville, continues south to Austin Drive Park and connects to Milne Conservation Park. Upon completion, this 15km trail will be a significant cycling & walking route providing connections through several communities, parks and destinations.

An Environmental Assessment study was completed in 2012 in consultation with from various stakeholders, including City Staff, external agencies, local ratepayers association, Councillors, community members and more.

Construction of the Rouge Valley Trail began in 2013 and is carried out in four (4) phases. To-date, Phase 1, 2, & 3 are completed, trail section from Main St. Unionville, through Milne Dam Park, to Markham Road. Construction of Phase 4A is currently underway.

See the Rouge Valley Trail Video on City of Markham YouTube Channel:

Construction Progress

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