How to Use Less Water

water efficiency

The City of Markham wants everyone to use water efficiently!

There are easy ways to reduce the amount of water you use. Find out how much water you're using, and learn how we can all save water below.

Use Water Efficiently

average water used

On average, a Markham resident uses 195 litres of water per day. That's enough to fill a bathtub! People in countries with similar lifestyles, like Austria (135 litres) and Germany (122 litres), use much less water.

As our population grows, there is more stress on our water source and infrastructure. York region has set a goal of 150 litres of water per person, per day. With small improvements to our daily water use behaviours and careful planning, we can achieve this goal!

See York Region’s Water for Tomorrow website for more information on our regional water conservation plan.

water efficiency

Markham is lucky to have access to fresh water

Markham is lucky to have access to fresh water. But, we only have one source and share it with over 9 million people in Ontario and New York State. Water prices also keep going up. Being water efficient protects our environment. It keeps our drinking water supply safe for us and for future generations. It can also save you money!

Lower your water use by following the easy tips below.

Water use changes with the seasons. People use more water in the summer, but some of this water is wasted. Your summer water bills are probably higher than others but we have some tips to help you manage your outdoor water use.

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