pool partySplash and Save with These Easy Tips!

  • Pay attention when filling your pool, spa, or hot tub to prevent over-flows or over-filling.
  • Use covers to reduce water evaporation. Make sure your covers fit properly! You may also see lower energy bills since covers retain heat.
  • Repair any leaks. They won’t fix themselves!
  • Warmer water evaporates more quickly. Turn down the temperature!
  • Try not to use fountains and waterfalls. These speed evaporation.
  • Clean filters manually. The average backwash can use between 950 and 3,780 litres of water!
  • Most people backwash more frequently than necessary. Some pool filters do not have to be backwashed at all. Take them apart and clean them out instead.
  • Try to avoid water loss though excessive splashing.
  • Maintain proper chemical levels and adequate circulation time. This will avoid the need to use a lot of make-up water or drainage.

Proper Drainage Tips

Closing your Pool or Disposing Water

Protect the environment and our community! Do not drain chlorinated water or salt water from your pools directly into a storm drain. Pools, hot tubs, and spas should always be drained properly. This water can hold substances harmful to our environment, pets and local wildlife.

Follow these tips:

  • Do not add chemicals for 2 weeks before draining your pool, spa, or hot tub.
  • Make sure you remove chemicals from the water before draining. (For example: If your pool uses chlorine, de-chlorinate it before cleaning)
  • Drain onto your lawn.

Safe Disposal of Pool, Hot Tub or Spa Chemicals

Leftover or expired pool chemicals are considered household hazardous waste and must be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot in Markham, or there are other drop-off locations in York Region

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