humidifierGet a new, efficient humidifier

Your home's humidifier helps moisten dry indoor air. Humidifiers also help people with asthma to breathe more easily. They can reduce dry skin and irritation from dry air.

Did you know that a flow-through furnace humidifier can waste up to 190 litres of water every day? That's over $200 a year! There are models on the market that produce fewer than 10 litres of water a day. Look for water-efficient models when installing or replacing these units.

The best options are rotating disc humidifiers. These use textured discs to humidify furnace-heated air. These have high performance and low maintenance. There are no replacements parts, and little energy (4 Watts per Hour) or water is used.

Visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation website or Desert Spring Products to learn more.

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