Institutional, Commercial & Industrial Services

Institutional, commercial and industrial

The City of Markham delivers clean, safe drinking water to commercial and industrial users!

We’re proud to maintain our state of the art water distribution system. Through a system of pipes, valves, hydrants, pumping stations, and reservoirs, we deliver high quality, reliable drinking water to our businesses and industries. 

All businesses connected to Markham's municipal water system must have a water meter. Water meters measure how much water you use and you are charged based on that amount.

To learn more visit Water Meter Application 

Minimize the Risk of Contaminating Markham’s Drinking Water

Our city’s backflow prevention bylaw reduces the chance of water contamination through backflow incidents at cross connections.

Protect our Sewer Systems, Streams, and Lakes

City laws regulate what can and can’t go into our sanitary and storm sewer system. Our Sewer Use By-law has defined limits for substances such as pH, oil and grease, suspended solids, and more.

Markham sells water in bulk to builders and contractors

This water can be used for new or existing construction, new water mains, and utility locate services.

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