Flood Proofing Program

Flood proofing and Education Program

In the 1960s, The Don Mills Channel was realigned and confined to a relatively narrow corridor through urban development.  The current system of open channels and culverts does not have enough capacity to handle storm water runoff during large storm events causing floods in the area of both businesses and major roads.


To help property owners and tenants within the area withstand larger storm events, the City of Markham is developing a Flood Proofing Program. This program will help owners and tenants identify site-management and flood proofing measures that can help protect their properties and assets from damage. Through this program, the City will research various site-specific options for commercial properties that will include manufactured products, buildings modification, emergency preparedness planning, and other practices.  

Below is a list of techniques that are available for flood proofing commercial properties along with fact sheets explaining each technique in more detail.



Waterproof exterior building walls


Water tight Door Systems

Flood Gates

Water tight window systems

Site Re-Grading

Protection of utility equipment/ connections with sealants


Flood shields for openings in exterior walls


Storm and Sanitary Sewer Backflow Valves

Water Activated Flood Barriers

Creating new and elevating existing exterior stairways above the flood level


Flood Openings for Equalizations

Storing Materials above the High Water Level

Raise electrical and mechanical systems above the high water elevation


As part of this program, the City will be contacting the owners of eligible properties to complete a FREE flood risk assessment.

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