Meter Reading

Residential water meters are usually found in the basement along the front wall of the house. Sometimes they can be hidden behind cabinets or walls. Make sure the water meter and shut-off valve are easy to reach. The City of Markham owns the water meter and is responsible for maintaining and replacing it.

Multi-residential, industrial, and commercial properties have a bulk water meter. They get one common bill for the entire property.

Residential and commercial properties have an outside water-meter reading device called a remote-reader. This lets the meter reader to get a water meter reading without going into the property. Please don't block the remote-reader in any way.

Your water meter reads in cubic meters (m3), or 1000 litre units. It shows your total consumption to the nearest tenth of a cubic meter. It’s like the odometer in your car! Every 0.1 cubic meter (100 litres) of water used causes the red sweep hand to make one complete revolution. This makes the total to increase by 0.1 cubic meters.

illustration of a water meter

New Digital Water Meters

Markham started installing new digital water meters in 2013. These new water meters are more accurate and store other operational information. Your water bill is based on how much water you use. Knowing how to read your water meter will allow you to keep track of your water use. You can also find out about water leaks and save money!

If you have an older meter (measured in gallons) your measurements will be in gallons instead of cubic meters.

illustration on how to read your water meter