Sewer Back-up & Flooding

flooded basement

Learn how you can help prevent flooding in your home with the information below!

Private Plumbing Protection Rebate Program

To further protect properties from basement flooding, City Council has endorsed the Private Plumbing Protection Rebate Program. The program offers financial support for property owners who are making certain improvements on their private plumbing system.

Three private plumbing protection measures can be implemented to help protect your property.

Downspout Disconnection

Disconnecting your downspout can help prevent flooding in your home.

Basement flooding may be the result of rainwater or a sanitary sewer or drain blockage. It should be reported to the Waterworks Division. Staff will investigate and advise property owners how to proceed. Only City staff is authorized to inspect and fix blockages on City property. If the blockage is located on private property then the cost of inspection and repairs is the responsibility of the property owner. To help prevent drain blockages never pour grease down the drain, or use a food waste disposal unit (garburator). Learn more ways to protect your home and your pipes.

Flood Info Brochure (PDF)

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