City of Markham Waterworks System Illustration

After treatment, clean water is pumped to York Region. York Region does more testing, storage, and provides additional pressure for Markham's system. Markham then distributes the water to residents and businesses.

Markham's distribution system provides high quality treated water to about 350,000 customers daily. It has:

  • Over 1,000 kilometres of watermains
  • 11,000 watermain valves
  • 8,500 municipal fire hydrants

Markham is a distribution-only system. We don’t own treatment, pumping, or storage facilities. Markham's water is tested to meet Ontario Regulation 170/03 standards. Licensed Waterworks staff collect water samples. These samples are analyzed at Caduceon Environmental Laboratories.

Watch this "Markham's Water Distribution System" video to learn more!

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