How it's all connected

The City is responsible for the public portion of the water distribution system – spanning from the water main to the municipal property line. Beyond the property line is the private portion of the system and is the responsibility of the property owner. If you suspect there is an issue with any component that the City is responsible for, please contact the Customer Contact Centre at or 905.477.5530.

Markham's Responsibility

  • Service (Curb) Box: Protects the curb stop valve and should be secured and flush with the ground. Never touch or cover it.
  • Curb Stop Valve: Located underground, this valve controls the flow of water from the water main to your property.
  • Remote Meter Reading Device: A small box mounted on the exterior of your property that allows the City to obtain meter readings without entering the premise.
  • Water Mains: More than 1,000 kilometres of underground pipes throughout the City that carry water to water service lines.
  • Service Connection: The part of the pipe that runs from the water main to the curb stop valve in front of your property.
  • Water Meter: Records the volume of water used by your property.

Property Owner's Responsibility

  • Water Service Line: Pipe that runs between the curb stop valve and your property.
  • Indoor Water Shut-off Valve: Shuts off the water supply to your property.
  • Indoor Plumbing: The system of water pipes, drains, fittings, valves and fixtures in your building that distribute water.

Property owners shall provide free, clear and unobstructed access to the water meter at all times. Tampering or any alteration to the water meter is prohibited under the City’s Water Use By-law 2019-53.

An illustration between Markham vs. Property Owner's responsibility

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