water quality testsIt's safe to drink Markham's Tap Water because it's…

  • Healthy a great calorie-free alternative to sugary drinks or caffeine
  • Convenient delivered right to your home or workplace
  • Inexpensive  1000 times less expensive than bottled water
  • Well-Tested Waterworks staff test Markham water several times a day
  • Green bottled water creates unnecessary waste and litter. It also takes energy to bottle, package, cool, and move.

Support a cleaner environment by choosing tap water! Instead of drinking bottled water, fill a refillable water bottle and bring it with you! We're proud to supply clean, safe, affordable water to all Markham residents.

"Our top priority is providing high quality drinking water to all our customers. We are constantly testing to ensure all standards and regulations are met for a safe, clean and healthy drinking water supply". Eddy Wu, Manager, Operations and Maintenance, Waterworks, City of Markham