water quality testsIt's safe to drink Markham's Tap Water because it's…

  • Healthy a great calorie-free alternative to sugary drinks or caffeine
  • Convenient delivered right to your home or workplace
  • Inexpensive 1000 times less expensive than bottled water
  • Well-Tested Waterworks staff test Markham water several times a day
  • Green bottled water creates unnecessary waste and litter. It also takes energy to bottle, package, cool, and move.

Markham does not have a lead issue as the City does not have any lead pipes in our water distribution system on the public side.

Get a reusable water bottle and bring it with you! Reduce the amount of waste created by single-use plastic bottles.

"Our top priority is providing high quality drinking water to all our customers. We are constantly testing to ensure all standards and regulations are met for a safe, clean and healthy drinking water supply". Eddy Wu, Manager, Operations and Maintenance, Waterworks, City of Markham

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