Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Stormwater Management?
    Stormwater management is a municipal service that includes the transport and treatment of rainwater and snow melt that runs off our communities. It also includes the restoration of river systems to protect critical infrastructure – bridges and trunk sewers – and to improve the habitat of sensitive species.

  2. What is Markham's Stormwater Management Strategy?
    The City's Stormwater Management Strategy includes activities to provide flood control, erosion control, watercourse management and the maintenance of stormwater management facilities (ponds). These activities manage both the quantity and the quality of water released into to our creeks and rivers, or absorbed into the ground. The strategy is carried out in close partnership with local and provincial agencies that have roles in regulation of water resources and natural heritage systems.

  3. What is included in Markham's Stormwater System?
    Markham's stormwater management systems represent a considerable infrastructure investment. Currently our system consists of:
    • 743 km of storm sewers
    • 176 km of ditches
    • 11,400 manholes
    • 20,000 catch basins
    • 301 sewer outfalls
    • 4,500 culverts, and
    • 70 stormwater management facilities (ponds), and
    • 2 stormwater pumping stations

  4. Are stormwater systems the same across the City?
    No. The City's system was built-up over many decades, under a range of design standards in place at the time of construction. The capacity of sewer and roadway systems to handle intense storms without flooding private property was limited prior to 1980. Today's systems offer better quality control and strive to mimic the natural water cycle to protect sensitive fish species and groundwater resources.

  5. How does Markham pay for current stormwater management activities?
    Activities within the strategy are funded through a combination of sources including property taxes, development (growth-related) charges, grants and sometimes cost-sharing with other partners.

  6. What is the City-wide Stormwater Management Fee?
    The stormwater management fee is a dedicated funding source to support capacity improvements to the storm drainage system. This expanded service will improve flood control and reduce the risk of flood damages across the City.
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