Stormwater, Sewer and Flood Control

In Markham, we value our environment and natural resources. Our stormwater management activities help us protect our region. Through good management, we protect:
  • Streams
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Fisheries
  • Natural heritage systems

Our advanced drainage networks, storage, and treatment facilities help to manage the risk of flood damage.

What is Markham’s Flood Control Program?

The Flood Control Program is a long term, City-wide initiative to improve storm drainage capacity and limit surface and basement flooding risks in urban areas. Improvements will provide a more consistent level of service across Markham and help protect both public and private property. The program will also make critical infrastructure more resilient to climate change and extreme weather.

While the City’s program will improve the effectiveness of its drainage systems over the long term, businesses and residents are encouraged to take action to reduce the risk of flood damage on their own properties. This can often be achieved through maintenance of their private drainage system, or where appropriate, implementation of improvements or practices that can reduce flood risks and damages. For tips on what you can do to reduce the risks of flood damage on your property – see our article in the fall 2014 issue of Markham Life (page 14) [PDF], a good source of current information on Markham projects, programs and plans.

How is Markham’s Flood Control Program funded?

To help fund the program, the implementation of a City-wide Stormwater Fee was adopted by Council on November 26, 2013. This Fee pays for flood control improvement works that lower flood risks and provide a more consistent level of service across the City.

Who Will Pay the New Fee?

To help fund the program, a City-wide Stormwater Fee is charged to all properties. This fee, combined with Canada Gas Tax funds and other grants, provides dedicated funding for both approved and future storm infrastructure improvement projects City-wide.

How Much is the Stormwater Fee?

The annual rate for residential properties and non-residential properties is updated on a yearly basis  visit this link for current fees

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