Q: Do I need a home water filtration system?
A: No. Markham's water does not require boiling or extra filtration. It is completely the choice of the resident to install these home water filtration systems. These systems are very expensive to install and maintain.

Q: My water tastes or smells odd
A: Please call the Contact Centre at 905.477.7000 or e-mail customerservice@markham.ca. We may send a Waterworks staff member to look into this issue.

Q: Why is the water sometimes discoloured? (Brown or White)
A: When a fire hydrant is opened, a large volume of water is used. This stirs up iron in the watermain. The iron causes water to be brown. When air becomes trapped in the water, it can look cloudy. This can happen when it travels through pressurized water pipelines. Air will stay trapped until it's released from your faucet.

Q: What is the source of water supplied to Markham customers?
A: Markham's water comes from Lake Ontario. It is treated and disinfected through facilities in Toronto and Peel Region.

Q: How safe is our water?
A: Markham's water is safe. It meets the quality standards set by the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), 2002.

Q: What is the method of disinfection used?
A: Markham's water is chloraminated. Chlorine and small amounts of ammonia are used to destroy pathogens or disease-causing microorganisms.

Q: How is the quality of the water assured? Is the water tested on a regular basis?
A: Water is tested at source treatment facilities on a regular basis. Markham Waterworks also collects and tests water samples to meet standards in the Safe Drinking Water Act. Please see our Markham Annual Water Quality Report.

Q: What is Markham's water hardness scale?
A: Water hardness refers to the level of certain minerals in a water supply. These minerals are usually calcium and magnesium carbonate. Water hardness does not impact health. Markham's water is considered to be "hard." It has about 123 milligrams per litre, or 8.6 Grains per Gallon.

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