Culvert Modification Application

You need a permit to modify a culvert near your property. You may not modify a culvert on your own – the City of Markham must be involved.

Culverts are metal pipes that let storm water flow under driveway entrances. They are used on roads where there are no storm sewers. On these roads, the road edge is lined with a ditch.

Culverts are City of Markham property. If you want to add, replace, or change a culvert pipe, you must contact the City. You can also contact us to replace a culvert that is too old or broken.

We will first conduct a site inspection and let you know what fees you’ll need to pay to modify the culvert. We will also inspect the site while the pipe is being installed or repaired.

To apply for a permit, please complete the form below. You can also e-mail with any questions. Please put Culvert Modification in the subject line of the email.

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