Engineering Drawing Request

Complete the following request form if you are interested in obtaining Engineering Drawings.

Anyone can ask for and receive Engineering Drawings in hardcopy or digital format. Applicants may be a homeowner, engineer, architect, owner, developer, commercial or industrial tenant or a member of the public.

You will be notified by phone or in writing if there is any further information that must be submitted for us to complete the review and confirm that the drawings are available.

Once your application has been reviewed and the drawings located, you or your agent will be notified that the drawing may be picked up at our front counter.

The fee, if applicable, must be paid by cash or cheque before the drawings can be delivered.

Service Fee:

  1. Regular Services Ten (10) days of lead time is required to review the request and locate any digital drawings at a cost of $100 for the first drawing and $50 for each additional drawings.
  2. Expedited Services Expedited process of Three (3) days is available at a cost of $150 for the first drawing and $75 for each additional drawings.
  3. There is an additional charge of $50 for every print drawing (map size) requested.
  4. The City is not able to provide site plans, building plans, structural plans, or blueprints for individual Residential properties. The available plans for Residential areas are at the Street or Subdivision level only.

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