Fence Exemption Permit

The City of Markham is pleased to provide its residents with the opportunity to apply for Fence Exemption online. The application process has three steps:

Step One
The applicant provides the required information on the screens that follow including the location and fence type for the exemption.

Step Two
By Law Enforcement staff will review the application to determine eligibility and set up for a property inspection. The applicant at this time may be required to provide further documentation as listed in the process.

Step Three
The applicant is then advised by call and provided with certification if the application for the exemption is approved or declined. The applicant will then receive confirmation or refusal of the exemption and direction to then be taken

Please follow the prompts on the screens to complete the application process.

Fourteen days lead time is required to set up inspection dates and properly process all Fence Exemption Applications.

For further information on fence exemption applications, please contact the Licensing counter at 905.477.7000 extension 2457.

This portlet is not configured, or the settings are incorrect. Use "Edit Shared Settings" to select an application, or contact your administrator for assistance.
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