Open Air Fire Permit

A City of Markham Bylaw was developed to prescribe times for setting fires and the precautions to be observed to prevent the spread of fire. It states any person who intends to set and maintain a fire in the open air for recreational /educational purposes on private or City-owned property with permission shall obtain a permit and will be required to notify the Fire Department on the day that he/she intends to burn. A burn permit / “Permit for Fire in Open Air” is required for each burn. The person having started the fire on such lands shall be in possession of a permit in respect to that fire. Suitable equipment and resources, such as rakes, shovels, or on-site water shall be provided at the site including sufficient personnel to control the fire. Materials to be burned: Only clean wood, brush or vegetation may be burned and shall not exceed an area of one point five (1.5) square metre at any one time. Burning permits are not issued for locations South of 17th Ave and West of 10th Line (Reesor Road) (Even if the By-law conditions are met).

North of 17th Ave and East of 10th Line (Reesor Road):

  • Recreational burning (corn roast, marshmallow roast, etc) may be permitted if all By-law conditions are met.
  • Burning of construction/demolition materials is not permitted.
  • Burning of vegetation from the site (tree clippings, small shrubs, etc) is permitted at the discretion of the Fire Prevention Officer.
  • The use of chimneas, outdoor furnaces, etc for recreational purposes is permitted if all By-law conditions are met.

The fee to apply for a burn permit is $208.50 and is collected as part of this online application process.

Please note, the submission of this online application does not indicate a valid permit. Your permit will not be valid until your request is reviewed and approved by a Fire Prevention Officer. You will receive a separate notification once your permit has been approved. For further information, please contact Markham Fire & Emergency Services at 905.415.7521.

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