Request Access to Permit Documents

Building permit documents contained in our records are usually available for viewing or reproduction by the Registered Property Owner or their authorized agent. Agents must submit a completed Authorization to Access Permit Documents [PDF] form prior to viewing the drawings.

You will be contacted by a Customer Service Representative within 5 business days of submitting this online request to confirm the availability of documents and to make an appointment to view or arrange for reproduction.

Please note:

  1. This request is only for Issued Permit Records. Files with a status of application are not approved and are not available for viewing / reproduction.
  2. Surveys are available for viewing only. Copies cannot be made at the Building Counter, however, a request for a copy can be made through the Clerk's Department using a Freedom of Information Request.
  3. Individuals other than the Registered Property Owner or their authorized agent must contact the Clerk's Department through a Freedom of Information Request to view permit documents.
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