Request a Service

Markham's online system makes it easy to submit a request for service. Your online request will be provided a tracking number that can be used for future reference to check the status of your service request.

Missed residential waste at the curbside, garbage in a park or boulevard and garbage bin maintenance.

General parks maintenance, trees, sportsfields and playgrounds.

General maintenance of all trees on City of Markham property, particularly trees located on boulevards and in parks.

Report a damaged or burned out street light.

(Attended within 15 days.)

Report graffiti on public property or on City facilities.

(Completed within 1 day for offensive graffiti, or 2 days with pending status for others.)

Report potholes or street pavement damage on City of Markham roads. if this represents a significant safety risk, please call 905-477-7000.

(Completed within 1 day.)

Request a City service or information about City services that are not listed above.

(Based on the type of request, the proper service level agreement will apply.)

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