A large population of Canada Geese can cause damage to parklands, and their droppings can create unhealthy conditions and pollute natural waterways, ponds and swimming pools.

  • Do not approach nests. Geese will aggressively defend nests and can inflict injury with their beak and wings.

  • Watch for warning signs. Geese will pump their heads up and down as a sign of aggression as well as hissing and honking at threats.

  • Remain calm. If you find yourself faced with an aggressive goose it’s best to remain calm, stand straight, maintain eye contact and back away slowly. Don’t make threatening motions or sounds and avoid turning your back and running away.

  • In the unlikely event that a goose does injure you it’s advised to seek medical help immediately.

  • Never feed geese. Supplementing their diet will increase their numbers and reduce their fear of humans. It also increases their numbers in high-traffic areas such as parks and sportsfields.

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