Animals in Markham must be provided with a clean, sanitary environment and adequate care that meets the physical and behavioural needs of the animal, such as food, water, shelter, warmth, physical exercise, attention and veterinary care.

Pets are not allowed to run about and create a nuisance, disturb neighbours or cause damage to property.

If your dog or cat is found running freely, it will be returned to your home if it’s wearing an identification tag, or taken to the shelter if it is not.

For animals kept on a tether (a chain, rope or other restraint), the length must meet the needs of the animal, provide unrestricted movement and cannot cause injuries. A dog’s tether must be a minimum of 3 metres (10 foots), provided this length does not permit the dog to go beyond the boundaries of the property.

The City can place a pet in temporary protective care for up to five days when the owner cannot, or will not, care for it. During this time, its owner may claim the animal after paying the costs for its stay in protective care; if not claimed, the animal will go to the OSPCA shelter.

The shelter assumes total responsibility for such animals, provides veterinary care if necessary, and has the right to put the animal to death if it’s not claimed or is too ill or injured to survive. It will be kept for at least five days (not including federal or provincial holidays). The owner must pay all costs incurred at the Pound before the pet can be taken home.