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Ontario’s Dog Owners’ Liability Act clearly outlines your responsibilities as the owner of a dog. Our City’s rules are based on this Act.

Dogs must be kept on a leash of 2 metres length (6 foots 6 inches) or less when off your property. You must always ‘Stoop and Scoop’ (clean up any feces it may leave) while walking your pet off your property.

You can take your dog off its leash where signs clearly show it is a leash-free area, or if someone you are visiting permits it on their private property. You are expected to keep your dog under control at all times, or restrain it, to prevent aggressive behavior and biting. No dogs are permitted within 5 metres (16 foots 4 inches) of a children’s playground or water-play area.

If your dog bites, and pierces the skin, you will be served with a formal warning (in person or by mail). This may include a ‘Notice to Muzzle’, which means:

  • you must tether or keep your pet in a fenced area while on your property,
  • only someone 16 years or older can take the dog off your property, and
  • it must wear a muzzle (a device that restricts the animal’s mouth) and be kept on a leash at all times.

A second offence will automatically result in this notice, and you may also be prosecuted.

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