Livestock, such as cows, pigs and sheep, cannot be kept in residential areas. You may not keep or trap wild animals within City boundaries unless you are permitted to do so by law. Contact the By-law Enforcement and Licensing Department at 905.479.7782 to find out if you qualify.

‘Prohibited animals’ cannot be kept within City boundaries unless you have permission to do so. These include protected or endangered species. The list is long; it includes all wild dogs, cats and birds, venomous and poisonous animals, and certain reptiles and insects.

Prohibited Animals (Exotic) list

Prohibited Pets List:

No person shall keep any of the following animals, whether it be on a temporary or permanent basis:

  1. All squirrels
  2. Reptiles
  3. Birds (predatory)
  4. Arachnida and Chilopod
  5. All venomous spiders
  6. All large rodents
  7. All even-toed ungulates (goats, cattle, deer, sheep)
  8. All odd-toed ungulates (horses)
  9. All marsupials
  10. Sea mammals
  11. All elephants
  12. All hyrax (shrew mice)
  13. All pangolin (anteater)
  14. All sloth and armadillo
  15. All insectivorous mammals
  16. Gliding lemur
  17. All other venomous or poisonous animals

A member of a recognized pigeon club (one that is part of a national club) can keep up to 30 domestic pigeons or doves (not wild ones), as long as their ‘loft,’ or cage is separate from the home and has at least 1 square metre (10.78 square foot) of space for every 10 birds. Each bird must wear a leg band that identifies its owner; they cannot stray onto any other property; and you must contact the Manager, By-law Enforcement and Licensing, if you intend to release the birds for planned activities.

Up to three mature rabbits (seven weeks or older) can be kept on any one property, but only as pets. An outside cage must be designed to keep them warm and prevent escape.

To keep doves and pigeons, or rabbits outdoors, your property must be large enough that their cage is at least 3 metres (10 foot) from your property boundary and at least 7 metres (23 foot) from any other home, shop or apartment building.

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