All pets must be leashed in Markham parks, except in off leash areas.

A permanent Leash-free dog area is established at the northwest corner of Miller Avenue and Rodick Road, as shown below:

Apply to establish permanent Dog Off Leash Area

Applications for new dog off Leash areas in Markham are submitted to the Leash Free Markham Committee for review. If the application meets all the guidelines, it will be forwarded to staff for review, and ultimately to Council for consideration.

Rules of conduct for Markham Dog Off Leash area:

  • Every dog must be under the supervision and full control of an adult. Dogs may not be left unattended in the off leash area.
  • Dog owners are responsible to clean up after their pets. All dogs must be licensed and current on all shots, including those for kennel cough.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash until inside the off leash area, and put back on a leash before leaving the off leash area.
  • Residents are advised to closely supervise children within the off leash area.
  • Residents are encouraged to spay or neuter their dogs if using the off leash area.
  • Users must respect all rules posted within the off leash area.

Leash Free Markham Committee

The Leash Free Markham Committee is an Advisory Committee appointed by Council. The committee is run by volunteers and is responsible for the overall organization of off leash free areas under the guidelines approved by Council.