You will need a licence for your stationary business in the City of Markham. The rules are set out in By-law 2012-158 [PDF]. Here are the businesses that need licences:

To ask questions, please contact:

City of Markham
Licensing Unit
101 Town Centre Boulevard
Markham, Ontario, L3R 9W3
Phone: 905.477.5530

You must apply in person at the location above from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday.

If there is an application form above for your business type, please fill it out and gather all of the supporting documents listed on the form. Your application must include all the documents listed on the form. We can’t process a partial application.
Required documents include:

  • Proof of ability to work in Canada. This includes: Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship Card, Permanent Resident Card, Work Permit, Canadian Passport
  • Up to date Articles of Incorporation (where applicable)
  • Up to date Business Name Registration (where applicable)
  • Valid HST number
  • Certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • York Region Health Food Inspection Certificate (where applicable)
  • Tobacco Dealer Permit (where applicable)
  • Certificate of Completion from City of Markham Building Department (where applicable)

You can’t apply online for a business licence. Please visit us in person.

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