The City of Markham has rules around the size and weight and size of commercial vehicles. If your vehicle is bigger than the allowable weight or size for a Markham road, you can request a permit. There are three sets of rules:

Year-Round Load Restrictions, By-Law 2012-54

Low-volume rural roads that have not been upgraded to modern road standards are posted as “half load roads.” On these roads, you can only have loads of 5 tonnes per axle.

Spring Load Restrictions, By-Law 2012-53

For roads not listed in By-law 2012-53, your load must weigh 5 tonnes per axle or less between March 1 and April 30. The Director of Operations can also add other restrictions. The City doesn’t usually allow vehicles to request a change to rules during Spring Load Restrictions.

Other Roads and Times of Year

Roads not subjected to Year-Round or Spring Load restrictions follow the weights and size restrictions listed in the Highway Traffic Act.

To apply for a permit, please fill out the Excess Load Permit Application.