You need a permit to have any activity that might block a public road allowance. As per City By-law 2018-109 (Road Occupancy By-law), you may not occupy the road with the following activities without a Road Occupancy Permit. You'll need a permit if your work will:

  • Restrict road access
  • Disrupt vehicle or pedestrian traffic flow
  • Put materials of any kind on the road
  • Place a moving container or disposal bin on the road
  • Store construction or landscaping materials beyond private property
  • Cross the boulevard to gain site access where there is no depressed curb or paved driveway
  • Involve workers on the road
  • Obstruct the sidewalk with workers or equipment.

Public roads are shared spaces. People need to use our roads and arrive at their homes or places of work easily. A permit lets the City:

  • Make sure a disturbance is necessary
  • Ensure the road is used in a safe way
  • Coordinate activities to reduce public impact
  • Ensure City property is protected from damages

To apply for a permit, please fill out the Road Occupancy Permit Application form online and include a traffic control plan (OTM Book 7), a certificate of insurance naming Markham as the certificate holder / additional insured, and approved plans/drawings. Please submit any questions to  It takes around 10 business days to process this application.

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