The City of Markham wants everyone to understand their tax bill. Our Tax Bill Explanation [PDF] show you the most important charges and line items. Use the PDF to understand each section of the tax bill.

The City issues two property tax bills each year, with the first being the Interim property tax bill which are issued in early January and reflect 50 per cent of your previous year’s taxes. The second bill reflects the final property taxes which are issued in early June and reflect any budget changes approved by the City, Region and Province. 

 For 2021, your interim property taxes are calculated based on 50% of your 2020 total tax levy. The 2021 final tax bills will be issued in June and will incorporate any budgetary increases approved by the City of Markham, Region of York and the Province of Ontario (Education). As articulated within the 2021 property tax brochure, Markham Council approved the City’s 2021 Budget with a zero (0) per cent property tax rate increase to assist Markham property owners weather these uncertain and challenging times. The Region of York and the Province are expected to finalize their respective 2021 budgets by March 2021. 

In summary, the 2021 Final Tax Bills that will be issued in June will include a zero (0%) increase for the City portion, along with any budgetary increase determined by Region and Province in the coming months.

Please note if you pay your property taxes through the 11 month Preauthorized Tax Payment plan, the interim tax consists of 5 monthly withdraws (Feb – June), whereas the final tax bill consists of 6 monthly withdraws (July – Dec)

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tax bill explanation

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