Members can access all these virtual fitness opportunities for free or at a reduced rate:

Virtual Fit — One-on-One Consultations

New weekly time slots released every Sunday at 4 PM! During One-on-one consultations, Fitness Counsellors can answer your fitness questions including assist you to develop a work out plan, offer modifications, and/or review your technique.

Virtual Fit — Strength Training Sessions

Pre-book anytime! Each session includes a warm up, specific muscle group workout, and cool down.You can choose from the following:

  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Core Workout & Cool Down
  • Core + Arms
  • Full Body Pull
  • Full Body Push
  • Balance & Stability for Older Adults - offered 7 days per week!

Virtual Fit — Small Group Personal Training Sessions

Offered to members at a reduced rate. This 5 week personal training program is progressive and offered in a small group setting. Fitness counsellors will closely monitor each participant ensuring that workouts are done safely and individually challenging. Register for the program that suits your interest:

  • Older Adult: Strong & Mobile: Flexibility, muscle mass and strength decline as we age. Being mobile and stable is very important as we get older and this class will help you improve all of those physical attributes in the comfort of your home.
  • Pump, Sweat & Stretch: This type of workout involves repeated bouts of exercises alternating between high intensity and low intensity. Following the workout, you will be led through a stretching routine that will focus on all the main muscles in your body.

Virtual Group Fitness Classes

  • Cardio Classes: Keep your heart rate up and energy high in these classes designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Strength Training Classes: Tone and build muscle in classes designed to help you achieve strength goals.
  • Mind & Body Classes: Relax, meditate, stretch or sweat in through our variety of classes to increase your mind body connection.
  • Total Body Workout Classes: Join a low or high intensity class and work all your muscle groups so you feel great from head to toe.

2021 Winter Schedules:


Pre-Book Online:


To pre-book you will need:

  • A client barcode
  • An account pin
  • Course barcode(s)

For help with this process, you can follow our step-by-step guide .

If you do not have a client barcode or account PIN, please contact the Contact Centre at or 905.477.5530.

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